The Flights of Flopear


Tessa Worth had found a time-travel machine in the shape of a giant rabbit, named Flopear.  When she pressed a button she didn’t realise  that she would be taken to the Planet Xargo, where Flopear was originally built as a birthday present for the mean tempered Princess Meana. Eventually she is able to get back to Earth, Even after she returns home, she continues to spend time travelling the universe with Flopear, as part of her job as Deputy  to a Universal Dictator.

flights of flopearflights_of_flopear


  • Art: Robert MacGillivray
  • A Milky Way Dog makes an appearance in the story. Mojo the Milky Way Dog was a story also drawn by MacGillivray for Bunty in 1979.


  • The Flights of Flopear –  Bunty: #1292 (16 October 1982) – ?


 Other Appearances:

  • The Flights of Flopear  Bunty Annual 1983
  • The Flights of Flopear  Bunty Annual 1984
  • The Flights of Flopear – Bunty Annual 1987

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