Treetop Tania


Tania, daughter of Lord and Lady Branksome, was washed ashore on a deserted Pacific island, after yacht sinks. The only other survivor was the captain’s daughter, Iris, a Cockney. Eventually, years later, Tania is rescued, but she remembers very little of civilisation.

treetop tania



  • Treetop Tania –  Bunty:  #1425 (4 May 1985) – #1449 (19 October 1985)


3 thoughts on “Treetop Tania

  1. I remember this. Tania was sent to a boarding school when she was brought back to England and had no idea how to fit in. She had also developed a Cockney accent from Iris, which didn’t help.

  2. I remember this too, especially Tania hunting and killing a hog with a bow and arrow (I think the hog was about to hurt Iris) on the island, and also when she wins everything at the school sports day!

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