“Winners Don’t Quit!”


Rachel Richmond’s greatest wish was to become the best tennis player ever. But because of her dedication, people considered her ruthless and nicknamed her “The Robot”.

Winner’s Don’t Quit!


  • Artist: Colin Merrett.


  • “Winners Don’t Quit!” –  Bunty:  #1421 (6 April 1985) – #1442 (31 August 1985)


4 thoughts on ““Winners Don’t Quit!”

  1. This story started in #1421 (6 April 1985). I don’t know when it ended but it was still going in #1432 (22 June 1985). Artist Colin Merrett.

  2. The title should be “Winners Don’t Quit!”, not “Winner’s Don’t Quit!”. Is Bunty guilty of bad grammar here or what?

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