The Children’s Champion


In 1868 Hester Langley left her wealthy home and went to the East End of London, where she set up a temporary home for the unwanted waifs who roamed the streets.  Hester’s titled parents had disowned her, but she received financial help from her godmother, Lady Ella Combes.




  • The Children’s Champion – Bunty: #348 (12 September 1964) – #369 (06 February 1965)
  • Reprinted – Bunty: #842 (02 March 1974) – #863 (27 July 1974)
  • Reprinted – Lucky Charm #16

One thought on “The Children’s Champion

  1. The story of Hester Langley and her homeless waifs in London’s East End that was recounted in The Children’s Champion was first told in Bunty 348 (Sep. 12 1964) – 369 (Feb. 6 1965). Interestingly, she was often referred to, and addressed, as Miss Angel.

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