Popski’s Circus


Marina is the daughter of a dancer with Popski’s small French circus.  When her mother is taken to hospital, a welfare officer, Miss Truelove, arrives to take Marina to a home. But Marina runs off with her circus friend Peter. The circus lion, Brutus, is very attached to Marina and escapes to join her. They eventually come back to the circus  Popski, the miserly owner has an idea to use them in a trapeze act  but when it goes wrong he decides to sell the circus.

The circus return’s with its new owner, Marina and Peter’s friend, Ned. Unfortunately for Ned Popski left the circus in a lot of debt.

popskis circus



  • Popski’s Circus –  Judy:  #01 (16 January 1960) – #25 (02 July 1960)
  • Popski’s Circus –  Judy:  #55 (28 January 1961) – #66 (15 April 1961)


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