Katie and the Wicked Wilsons / Doctor Katie


Katie King is looking after a collection of animals,  some of which belonged to an eccentric old neighbour, Mrs Wilson. Following the death of the old lady, a family, also named Wilson, move into her  house, claiming to be her nearest relatives. Katie’s monkey, Coco, has hidden a will which Katie believes would prove that the Wilsons are not  really the old lady’s heirs.

Katie returns in “Doctor Katie”.  She is still an animal lover and is always ready to treat pets whose owners cannot afford the extravagant fees charged by Bernard Basket, the nasty vet.

doctor katie



  • Katie and the Wicked Wilsons  – Judy:  #71 (20 May 1961) – #88 (16 September 1961)
  • Doctor Katie – Judy:  #108 (03 February 1962) – #131 (14 July 1962)

Other Appearances:

  • Katie and the Whale – Judy Annual 1963

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