The Pot-Hunters


When Pat’s uncle ¬†died, he had been thought to be very rich, but it had turned out to be just the opposite. He had shown horses in a big way, and had lived in a huge mansion in the country. His sister, Pat’s aunt, Jane had been his sole heir. On his death, it had been found that his debts came to more money than he had. His house had been sold to raise money and there had been just enough to pay the debts with a little over. Aunt Jane had refused to sell the four horses left to her. Horses had played the biggest part in her life and, although she could not ride because of her bad hip, she knew that her young niece was an excellent horsewoman. Pat was an orphan, and had lived with Aunt Jane for as long as she could remember. Both knew that the only way they could keep the horses would be to travel round to various shows with them all summer, hoping to win enough money to keep going.

the pot hunters


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  • The Pot-Hunters – Judy: ¬†#153 (15 December 1962) – #165 (09 March 1963)