The Story of the Ballet….


The stories of famous ballets retold in picture form. They included:

Giselle –  Giselle is a pretty peasant maid, in love with a young man who turns out to be Duke Albrecht, of Silesia, in Germany, When Giselle learns that he is already betrothed to someone else, she dies of a broken heart. In these ports, the spirits of maidens who die before their wedding day join the Wilis — ghostly, sylph-like creatures who haunt the forest glades between midnight and four in the morning, seeking to lure young men to their doom. When the remorseful Albrecht goes to place  flowers on Giselle’s grave,the ghostly form of Giselle appears. She is now one of the Wilis.

Swan Lake – Prince Siegfried meets and falls in love with Odette, the Queen of the Swan Maidens. These maidens are under the power of Von Rothbart, a wicked magician. During the hours of daylight they take on the form of swans. Only Siegfried’s betrothal to Odette, and their marriage, can break Von Rothbart’s spell.

The Nutcracker – Clara, the daughter of a high government official, is given a  lovely, ornamental nutcracker as a Christmas gift. When Clara returns at midnight to fetch the nutcracker, left behind on a chair, it changes into a smart youth who promises to defend Clara against a strange army of white mice who have poured from a hole in the wall. There is indeed strong magic in the air!

giselle     nutcracker


  • The stories  appeared on the back page of the comic, in colour.


  • The Story of  Giselle – Judy:  #67 (22 April 1961) – #72 (27 May 1961)
  • The Story of Coppelia – Judy:  #73 (03 June 1961) – #78 (08 July 1961)
  • The Story of  the Ballet Swan Lake – Judy:  #79 (15 July 1961) – #83 (12 August 1961)
  • The Story of  the Ballet the Firebird – Judy:  #84 (19 August 1961) – #88 (16 September 1961)
  • The Story of  the Ballet Romeo & Juliet – Judy:  #89 (23 September 1961) – #94 (28 October 1961)
  • The Story of the Ballet the Nutcracker – Judy: #95 (04 Nov ember 1961) – #99 (02 December 1961)
  • The Story of the Mermaid – Judy: #100 (09 December 1961) – #103 (30 December 1961)
  • The Story of the Lady of Shalott – Judy: #104 (06 January 1962) – #106 (20 January 1961)


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