Val of the Valley


Val Martin, has her first nursing job, acting as relief nurse in the Storr Valley area, while the regular nurse is house bound with an injured leg. The people in the valley are set in their ways and have a hard time accepting Val but she sets about proving herself.

val of the valley

(Val of the Valley – 1960s)

val of the valley2

(Val of the Valley – 1975)


  • Originally a text story, updated to picture story.


  • Val of the Valley (text story) – Judy:  44 (12 November 1960) – 63 (25 March 1961)
  • Val of the Valley – Judy:  825 (01 November 1975) – ?

Other Appearances: 

  • Val of the Valley (text story) – Judy Annual 1962
  • Val of the Valley – Judy Annual 1976
  • Val of the Valley – Judy Annual 1979
  • Val of the Valley – Judy Annual 1983

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