Vicky on Skates / Belinda Born to Skate


Vicky Rodgers (Belinda Rodgers in reprint) lives in Swanton with her stepmother.  Her father is abroad. Her stepsister, Noreen, is a jealous and spiteful girl. Vicky cherishes an ambition to be a champion skater and when Miss Deanna Roberts, invalid niece of Lady Barlow, sees Vicky skating, she offers to make her into a champion and train her on the frozen pond in the grounds of the manor. Vicky is mystified by Miss Roberts’ knowledge of skating, but is delighted when the invalid presents her with a special pair of figure skates as a reword for a service she has done. [This was reprinted as Belinda Born to Skate with new art in Emma]

Vicky returns in Vicky in Switzerland where she has been entered for a Swiss competition—The Marshall Trophy—by her coach, Miss Roberts. When Vicky and Miss Roberts reach St Segeberg, the scene of the contest, they meet a rich American girl, Lorna Starr, who talks as if the trophy were already hers. While Miss Roberts is in hospital, Vicky and Lorna are invited to give an exhibition in the small town of Reeso. Lorna deceives Vicky into catching the wrong train and Vicky is stranded miles from Reeso. However, Vicky gets a “lift” in a sleigh and reaches the rink in the nick of time.

In Vicky’s Ice Show,  Vicky and Miss  Roberts, decide to stage an ice show at Cheamsford Ice Rink in an effort to save the rink, which will be closed down unless it shows a profit. George Haywood, a local businessman, has secretly paid Kyra Kenton, a skating star, and Goddard, the rink porter, to make sure that the rink closes, as he wants the land on which the rink stands to build offices. On orders from Haywood, Goddard is busy putting a cunning plot into action.

Vicky on skate
Vicky on Skates
belinda must skate
Belinda Born to Skate – Art: Carlos Freixas


  • Vicky on Skates reprinted as Belinda Born to Skate in Emma
  • Artist:  Carlos Freixas [Belinda Born to Skate]


  • Vicky on Skates  – Judy:  #90 (30 September 1961) – #108 (03 February 1962)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1053 (15 March 1980) – #1063 (24 May 1980)
  • Reprinted as Belinda Born to Skate –  Emma:  #66 (26 May 1979)  – #80 (01 September 1979)
  • Vicky in Switzerland – Judy: #119 (21 March 1962)  – #130 (07 July 1962)
  • Vicky’s Ice Show – Judy: #158 (19 January 1963) – #168 (30 March 1963)

Other Appearances:

  • Vicky and the Dream Dress  – Judy Annual 1964

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