Gameplay / Gameplay Level 2


Margie Johnson discovers that her sister Katie’s computer has become infected by an evil computer game called Irma. Irma starts to control Katie and then attack Margie.

Irma returns in Gameplay Level 2.  The evil computer game, ‘Irma’, had been bought by Alison Swann, a pupil at the local school. Alison discovered that Irma had to be played for real and reached the first level of the game by getting Irma on to the big television screen at the second-year disco, so that it could influence the children. But Margie Johnson, who had tangled with Irma before, managed to switch it off. Now Irma wanted Margie kept out of the hockey practice and Alison had shut her in the computer room — with Irma!

(Gamplay – Art: Oliver Passingham)

(Gameplay Level 2)


  • Artist: Oliver Passingham (Gameplay)
  • The sequel “Gameplay  Level 2” was drawn by another artist.


  • Gameplay – M&J:  #97 (20 March 1993) – #106 (22 May 1993)
  • Gameplay Level 2 – M&J:  #168 (30 July 1994) – #176 (24 September 1994)

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