Heartbreak Hotel


Young Helen and Frankie Whitley are running Hollybank, a small country hotel in the village of Clerewell, while their parents are in hospital. Hollybank has already earned the name of ”Heartbreak Hotel”, because of the bad luck that has apparently dogged it—secretly due to underhand work by Mr Judd, owner of the rival Stirrup Cup Inn. Financial difficulties force Helen to sell some of the furniture and she is left without enough chairs for her guests, the unpleasant Wimpson family. Helen gives up her own chairs and she and Frankie have to make do with old ones given to them by the mother of Daisy, their scatterbrained cook-general. However, when Frankie decides to fix the springs of one of the choirs, she finds it is padded with money!

heartbreak hotel



  • Heartbreak Hotel – Judy:  #180 (22 June 1963) – #190 (31 August 1963)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #1039 (08 December 1979) – #1049 (16 February 1980)

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