Sally of Studio Seven


Young Sally Baird is programme assistant to Peter Sinclair, a television producer, who has lately been involved in a series of accidents. He and Sally suspect that he has an enemy in the studio who is trying to discredit his work. Sally is in the studio one day when a top official at the company tells Peter that he will be chosen to produce a play entered for a top European award if the “down-river boys”, the play he is now producing, gets good ratings.

Sally returns in a sequel,  Sally and the Danger Doll. Sally buys a doll in Paris, not knowing it contains information about some stolen art treasures which a crook, Maurice Dorman, is anxious to find. In Rome, Dorman has told Sophia Scarafeli to make friends with Sally and steal the doll.

Another sequel, Sally and the Threatened Star. WhenPeter Sinclair, is taken ill while rehearsing a play for a Eurovision contest, Sally  and Della French, his secretary, carry on with rehearsals The star of the play, Maria Belloni is threatened by the Mafia, because her brother in Rome is about to give evidence against two of their members. While filming off the coast, Maria is run down by a powerful motor launch.

sally of studio seven(Sally of Studio Seven)

sally and the danger doll(Sally and the Danger Doll)



  • Sally of Studio Seven – Judy:  circa #210 (18 January 1964) – #225 (02 May 1964)
  • Sally and the Danger Doll – Judy: #226 (09 May 1964) – (?)
  • Sally and the Threatened Star– Judy: #347 (03 September 1966) – #353 (15 October 1966)

Other Appearances:

  • Sally of Studio Seven – Judy Annual 1965
  • Sally of Studio Seven – Judy Picture Story Library: #20


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