Slave to the Rotten Greggs


Schoolgirl Wendy Hilton, who lives with her only relatives, the Greggs, in Newburn, longs to become a fashion designer. However, she doesn’t have much time to draw, since her Aunt Joan keeps her busy as an unpaid drudge. When Wendy leaves her drawings behind in a restaurant, they are found by Carol Laurier, the manageress and fashion designer of Simone’s gown shop where Wendy’s cousin, Tillie, works. Miss Laurier finds out where Wendy lives and arranges to visit her, but shortly before she is due to arrive, Aunt Joan accidentally spills a kettle of boiling water over Wendy’s hands. Aunt Joan quickly thinks of a plan to prevent Miss Laurier from seeing Wendy in this condition, for which she is responsible.

slave to the rotten greggs



  • Slave to the Rotten Greggs – Judy:  #161 (09 February 1963) – #167 (23 March1963)

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