The Challenge


While Shirley Templar and Wanda Lee are on holiday to France, their money is stolen. When they ask Shirley’s Uncle George for help, he accuses them of lacking initiative. The two girls are determined to prove him wrong and reach England alone. Afraid that he will land in trouble with the girls’ parents for letting their daughters down, Uncle George chases them with the help of his friend, Inspector Dupois. Shirley and Wanda reach the French coastal town of Dauphin, which is packed with crowds waiting to see the French swimmer, ‘Marcia Capeau, make an attempt to swim the Channel. While they are looking for a boat to take them to England, Uncle George and Dupois spot Wanda.

the callenge



  • The Challenge¬†– Judy:¬† #180 (22 June 1963) – #186 (03 August 1963)

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