Topsy on her Toes


Topsy Saunders is a member of a gymnastics team formed at her school by a new gym teacher, Miss Karen Gibson. Topsy’s father, a sergeant In the Security Branch of the Army, asks her to keep an eye.on Miss Gibson, as he suspects she may be working with a gang of spies. When the gymnastics team visits Westport Naval Base to give a display, Topsy suspects that Miss Gibson is using a miniature camera, hidden in a lapel brooch, to photograph ships. Topsy deliberately  stands in front of Miss Gibson to see what she will do.

Topsy returns, and joins the league of youth gymnastic team on a tour of britain, hoping to unmask a secret agent. The chief suspects are Pamela Redfern, the girls’ team manager, a man named Garner, and a mystery acrobat. Topsy asks Kathy Bellamy, who knows about her secret mission, to follow Garner. But she is captured. Topsy trails Kathy to a lonely place called Stoddard’s corner and manages to rescue her from a derelict mill where Garner is holding her prisoner.

In another adventure Topsy and her father are asked by a runaway Hungarian scientist, Jozsef Piros, to fake a message to his daughter Karol, living under an assumed name in Budapest. Sergeant Saunders is arrested by Blodek, a secret police agent.  When Topsy goes to ask help from Laszlo, a British agent, she walks into a trap.

In “Topsy and the Scientist’s Secret” Topsy and her father, are fighting Zvolk, a sinister organisation bent on becoming masters of the world by using the unwitting aid of a number of scientists. Pursued by Zvolk agents, Topsy, her father and Professor Czerny, one of the scientists, escape in a launch down the River Danube.

topsy on her toes


topsy on her toes4


  • Appeared as the cover story for a while.


  • Topsy on her Toes – Judy:  158 (19 January 1963) – 169 (06 April 1963)
  • Topsy on her Toes – Judy: circa 280  – 288 (17 July 1965)
  • Topsy on her Toes – Judy:  circa 314 (15 January 1966) – 329 (30 April 1966)
  • Topsy and the Scientist’s Secret – Judy:  circa 373 (March 1967) – 385 (27 May 1967)

Other Appearances:

  • Topsy on her Toes – Judy Annual 1969
  • Topsy on her Toes – Judy Picture Story Library: #27
  • Topsy on her Toes – Judy Picture Story Library: #61

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