And Mother Came Too


Mandy Adams is a promising  young swimmer, and her bossy mother is determined to make her a champion. This has led to many embarrassing moments for Mandy.

and mother came too


  • Art: Trini Tinturé
  • Reprinted and translated to Dutch as “En mam komt ook… ” – Debbie Sportstripboek #33 (1983).


  • And Mother Came Too– Judy:   #341 (23 July 1966) –  #351 (1 October 1966)
  • Reprinted – Judy and Emma:   #1031 (13 October 1979) –  #1041 (22 December 1979)

5 thoughts on “And Mother Came Too

  1. I hope the mother got sent packing with a flea in her ear for barging in on the house like that. What a cheek!

    1. Afraid not. It turns out that the owner of the house is an elderly lady who is looking for a maid, so Mum offers to look after her house in return for use of the pool – leaving her own house to look after itself.

      Even a broken leg doesn’t stop her interfering with Mandy’s swimming, but she eventually sees sense after riding her wheelchair into the water during a race and nearly drowning.

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