Chained to her Racket!


Jane Taggart  had been coached by her guardian, Rachel Strong, known as “the Coach”, who had filled the girl’s life with tennis even to the extent of chaining her to her racket. When Jane joined a professional tennis “circus” run by Jack Miller, he and his wife decided to arrange a party for Jane, but a jealous rival player, Pauline Fox, told Jane that if she went to the party there would be more to follow, eating into the time she would have for practising and playing tennis.

chained to her racket



  • Chained to her Racket!  – Judy:  #603 (31 July 1971) – #618 (13 November 1971)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #968 (29 July 1978) –  #983 (11 November 1978)


4 thoughts on “Chained to her Racket!

  1. Debbie had a similar story, “No Love for Lorna”. Here the sport is fencing, with the girl chained to her sword. And the guardian is called “The Coach” here as well and brought up Lorna in a similar way to Jane. Lorna appeared five years after “Chained to Her Racket!”.

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