The Cat of Crosby Road


Ali, a cat with extraordinary  powers, had made his home with Jean Bell, after she had saved his life. Jean attended Crosby Road Secondary Modern School and Ali took a keen interest in all that went on there.

cat of crosby



  • The Cat of Crosby Road  – Judy:  #733 (26 January 1974) – #754 (22 June 1974)
  • The Cat of Crosby Road  – Judy: #782 (4 January 1975) – #788 (15 February 1975)

Other Appearances:

  • The Cat of Crosby Road  – Judy Annual 1976

11 thoughts on “The Cat of Crosby Road

  1. Judging by the publication of the series in France, the story in Judy 739 was the 7th episode. Can anyone confirm this, and pinpoint the exact publication range ? Thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you so much, Derek, once again you have been immensely helpful!
      Do you have any clue as to who the artist(s) might have been?

      1. No, I’m afraid not, Tristan. It is, I believe, well known on the children’s comics web sites, that I am not remotely interested in the artwork, nor am I interested in knowing who the artists themselves are. My only interest is in the serial stories, for boys or girls. Fiction rules! In the unlikely event of my requiring an artist’s name, I will contact my friend Ray Moore, (Kashgar on the ComicsUK website), who has written more reference books on comics than you could chuck a stick at, and is immensely reliable.

          1. I’m not at all sure that he would want to be probed. It sounds as if it would be very painful.

  2. There was also a story between 782 (January 4 1975) and 788 (February 15 1975). Whether this is a partial repeat or not, I can’t at this moment say, due to the fact that my ex-wife came over this morning to help with the repositioning in my wardrobes and cupboards of all my boys’ and girls’ papers, and it will probably now take me to the other side of Christmas to locate any particular year of any story paper for boys or girls. On balance, taking into account the disparity in length between the two stories, I would put money on its being a new serial.

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