The Fish Twins


As babies, twins Marris and Merri had been washed onto the shore at the Welsh village of Porwen and found by Daniel Hughes, a fisherman.  Around the babies’ necks had been fine, unbreakable chains. As the girls grew, so, mysteriously, did the chains. Apart from this they seemed normal girls. Nobody knew that they could swim underwater for miles or that they could communicate with the sea creatures. There was a problem in the village as for weeks the fishermen had returned to harbour each day, without a catch.

The twins return several times, like when sea creatures  in the waters by Porwen,  mutated into monsters and attacked the villagers. Merri and Morris, the strange sea-children with remarkable powers, returned to help their adopted village. When Morris was trapped by a giant oyster, Merri called to the far-off Wise Ones of the Deep for help as she struggled to free herself from mutated seaweed.

Another time  an unknown element had poisoned  all the shellfish off the coast of Porwen, and several unexplained disappearances had occurred. Merri and Morris,  had discovered aliens living in a transparent dome on the sea-bed. The Twins had made a pact with Zakon, the leader of the aliens, but it seemed as if he had broken it.

fish twins

(The Fish Twins – 1971, Art: John Armstrong)


fish twins 2(The Fish Twins – 1979, Art: Carlos Laffond)


Fish twins 3

(The Fish Twins – 1981,  Art: Bert Hill)


  • Art: John Armstrong (1971)
  • Art: Carlos Laffond (1979)
  • Art: Bert Hill (1981)
  • Additionally Norman Lee drew the art for some covers that the Fish Twins appeared; Judy #1032, Judy #1105


  • The Fish Twins  – Judy:  #595 (5 June 1971) – #609 (11 September 1971)
    • Reprinted – Judy:  #942 (28 January 1978) –  #956 (6 May 1978)
  • The Fish Twins  – Judy:  #1024 (25 August 1979) – #1033 (27 October 1979)
  • The Fish Twins – Judy:  #1102 (21 February 1981) – #1112 (02 May 1981)

Other Appearances

  • The Fish Twins – Judy Annual 1980

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