The Girl From D.O.R.S.E.T.


Maid Marian is the girl from DORSET—The Department to Overcome Rebels, Spies, Enemies and any other Threats. Their enemy is FANG, a ruthless criminal organisation. Marion reports to “Mother,” as the head of DORSET is called, for instructions about any new missions.

girl from dorset



  • The Girl From D.O.R.S.E.T. – Judy:   #398 (26 August 1967) – (?)
  • The Girl From D.O.R.S.E.T. – Judy:   #424 (24 February 1968) – (?)
  • The Girl From D.O.R.S.E.T. – Judy:   circa #452 (07 September 1968) – (?)

Other Appearances:

  • The Girl From D.O.R.S.E.T. – Judy Picture Story Library #77


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  1. Who is tne artist of: maid Marion girl from D.O.R.S.E.T?I am reading comic from 1975 year and she and Jamie fight against man who wants to destroy caffe industry…
    It is very good.write me on email if you know tbe regards,Ivica

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