The Girl with Green Hair


Jean Kingsley is puzzled by Meryl, a new girl at Fircroft School. Meryl claims to come from the East, but her behaviour is strange, and her hair is a greenish tint that becomes more noticeable, when she is deprived of sunlight.

girl with the green hair


  • Artist:  Sebastiá Boada


  • The Girl With Green Hair – Judy:  #418 (13 January 1968) – #429 (30 March 1968)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #946 (25 February 1978) – #957 (13 May 1978)

2 thoughts on “The Girl with Green Hair

  1. The title of this serial, in both its outings, is The Girl With Green Hair. It hope it will be easy to amend the information above.

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