The Golden Girl


Kathy Trent thrilled the customers with her high-diving act in her father’s travelling fair. She was spotted by Major Dudley Potterton who planned to make her an Olympic champion, but Kathy’s only interest was the fair. The Major called in a safety inspector, hoping to stop Kathy’s act, but only delayed it until after dark. Kathy dived in the dark, but the experience unnerved her.

golden girl



  • The Golden Girl  – Judy:  #777 (30 November 1974) – #787 (8 February 1975)



2 thoughts on “The Golden Girl

  1. Translated into Dutch as “Duiken voor goud” (“Diving for Gold”) and published in Debbie boek #2 (1977).

    The story continued until #787 (8 February 1975), judging by this reprint.


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