Force of Evil (1985)


Britain is invaded by the Sin-Pact forces and Mr Paul Peel is their mouthpiece and spokesperson on television broadcasts, Sin-Pact TV. But Peel’s daughter Carol refuses to believe her father is a traitor and sets out to prove his innocence against the face of the hatred and persecution her family is receiving.

It turns out Peel is working undercover for the British Underground Government and using his broadcasts to send coded messages about Sin-Pact plans to the British authorities.


  • Artist: Andy Tew


  • Force of Evil – Suzy: #170 (7  December 1985) – #181 (22 February 1986)



2 thoughts on “Force of Evil (1985)

  1. The Sin-Pact spokesman is not called Potter. Paul Peel, the father of the young heroine Carol, has that role. Despite all appearances to the contrary, he is not a traitor as he is working under orders from the British Underground Government. He uses his position as an apparent collaborator to keep the British authorities informed about Sin-Pact plans via coded messages during his broadcasts on Sin-Pact TV.

    1. Thank you for the clarification about the names. I already knew the part about the father working undercover for Britain.

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