Stage School


Two vacancies are going at The Madame Celeste Stage School. Nicky Carr wins one place. But the other place goes to Gavin Mellor, an arrogant boy Nicky crossed during the auditions. And so the stage is set for feuding between Nicky and Gavin.

It gets even worse when Gavin and Nicky are both chosen to star in a new TV soap. They have to pretend they are friends on screen, but their hatred keeps erupting into constant fighting. Eventually, the producers write their antagonism into the show.

Stage school


  • Artist: Juliana Buch


  • Stage School – M&J: #152 (9 April 1994) – #160 (4 June 1994)
  • Stage School – M&J: #207 (29 April 1995) – #216 (01 July 1995)
  • Stage School – M&J: #239 (09 December 1995) – #241(23 December 1995)

Other Appearances:

  • Stage School – Mandy Annual 1995
  • Stage School – Mandy Annual 1997


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