Regular feature with Supercats, a team of super heroines and their outer space adventures. The members are:

Helen Miller – captain of the Supercats. The brains of the team and the only one with no superpowers.

Electra – generates electricity.

Hercula – super-strong.

Fauna – changes body colour.


In The Planet of the Children – the Supercats investigate why the planet Zyros has ceased contact. They find  Zyros has been invaded by the Tarkus, who force the adults to work in Zyros’s gold mines while keeping the children brainwashed.


  • Writer: Marion Turner (pen-name Fiona Turner)
  • Artist: Jorge B. Galvez/ Jordi Badía Romero (main artist)
  • Artist: Enrique Badía Romero (only for few stories)
  • First Appeared in Diana Annuals as “The Fabulous Four”
  • Each story had it’s own title
  • Marion Turner wrote a number of scripts but not all stories for the series.


  • Supercats – Spellbound: #01(25 September 1976) – #69 (14 January 1978)
    • [no episodes in #60 and #61]
  • Supercats – Debbie: #258 (22 January 1978) – #272 (29 April 1978)

Other Appearances

  • The Flight of the Fabulous Four – Diana Annual 1974
  • The Fabulous Four – Diana Annual 1975
  • The Manovitch Experiment – Diana Annual 1976
  • Vengeance – Diana Annual 1977

3 thoughts on “Supercats

  1. Hopefully one day a complete omnibus edition of all these will be released on decent paper (and not five volumes or so over many years) with all the super-cats stories ? I would love to see this but until then (not holding my breath).

    1. There was some hope of having reprints from Spellbound when the digital release of “Spellbound: Damian Darke/ I Don’t Want to be a Witch” was announced, but that has fallen through for some unknown reason.

      The recently released Misty Jordi Badia Romera is nice volume for his art in the meantime.

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