The Ghost Riders


In the 18th century, there is a ban on wool exports, brought about by men like Sir Roger Ackerman who grow rich on it. Mary Tufton leads a gang of smugglers known as “The Owlers” to defy the ban and Ackerman by smuggling wool to France.

Ghost Riders



  • The Ghost Riders  – Judy: #691 (7 April 1973) – #700 (9 June 1973)
  • Reprinted – Judy & Tracy  circa #1361 (8 February 1986) – (?)



2 thoughts on “The Ghost Riders

  1. This story must have been published in another comic before. It was published in the Dutch edition of Tina in early 1976, so it must be from 1975 or earlier.

  2. Yes, The Ghost Riders first appeared in Judy 691 (Apr. 7 1973) – 700 (June 9 1973). The essential story wasn’t new even then though as it had appeared as a text serial as Grey Riders Of Romney Marsh in The Wizard 1605 (Nov. 17 1956) – 1612 (Jan. 5 1957), the protagonist being Tom Tufton. It then appeared in picture form under the title The Grey Riders Of Romney Marsh in The Hotspur in 1969.

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