The Nobody of the School / The Veiled Lady


Victorian girl Dorothy Lambert has been taken in by her Uncle Ezra, who treats her like a poor relation. Now Dorothy is considered old enough to earn her own living, so Uncle Ezra packs her off to a boarding school where she is to earn her keep as a pupil-governess (earn her board and tuition by teaching and domestic duties, and get no wages). She is considered low by school staff and treated as such. But Uncle Ezra has told Dorothy that if she does not profit from her position, she will receive no more of his (cold) charity. On a stranger note, the school is said to be haunted by a ghost known as The Veiled Lady.

Nobody 1



  • The Nobody of the School– Judy: 1982 (no publication dates available)
  • Reprinted as The Veiled Lady – Judy:  circa #1467 (20 February 1988) – (?)
  • Reprinted as Judy classic: M&J: #165 (9 July 1994) – #175 (17 September 1994)


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