Life becomes a nightmare for Anne Smith and her family when her father is accused of being involved in a swindle. Although nothing is proved against him, the ensuing scandal, stigma and public hatred become so bad that the Smiths change their names and move to a new town.

Anne, now known as Lorna Brown, is happy at her new school until the arrival of Janet Dawson, a girl from her old school. Janet recognises Anne and starts blackmailing her.



  • Artist: Barrie Mitchell


  • Blackmailed! – Suzy: #236 (14 March 1987) – #249 (13 June 1987)

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  1. It certainly does now but when I posted my comment at 11.44 on 7 February the entry said March 24. If it had said March 14 I would have had no reason to remind Lorraine. Obviously she has corrected it in the meantime, Mistyfan.

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