Boundary Babs


Under the terms of an ancient charter granting land to her ancestors, Babs Dixon has to run the boundaries of her father’s farm. Otherwise it falls into the hands of Sir Jeffrey Scrimley, who has already arranged an “accident” for her father and is now scheming against her.



  • Artist: Don Walker


  • Boundary Babs – Judy: #554 (22 August 1970) to #563 (24 October 1970)
  • Reprinted: Judy #987 (09 December 1978) – #996 (10 February 1979)



2 thoughts on “Boundary Babs

  1. The 1978/79 publication of this story seems to have been a reprint. The story was also published in Judy #554 (22 August 1970) to #563 (24 October 1970).

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