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Complete stories from the Flower Story Series. Including:

The Lady of the Daisies

Flower: Daisy

The Queen of Belrovia is a harsh ruler and banishes a girl called Delza for making a daisy chain, which the Queen deems a form of idleness. A witch punishes the Queen with a curse that causes nothing but daisies to grow in summer, but even this does not move the Queen to change her mind about Delza. But then the daisies come in useful when enemies invade. They mistake the daisies for snow in summer and retreat, fearing the land is bewitched.  The Queen finally relents and gives Delza the title of Lady of the Daisies.

Daisy 2

Five Flowers for Fleur

Flower: Dandelion. The pansy, rose, orchid (imitation) and unknown tropical flower (possibly stinking corpse lily) that gives off a terrible stench when it opens also feature.

Four princes claim the hand of Princess Fleur. To decide her groom, she tells them to bring a flower they think is worthy of her and she will cherish. All four fail the test because their choices reflect how unsuitable they are. But then there is a surprise fifth gift of flowers for Fleur, from Hugo-of-the-Great-City. Not realising she is a princess, he offers her a bouquet of dandelions, which he says matches her hair. Fleur realises that it is not so much the flower but the thought behind it and comes to cherish the “humble dandelion as a symbol of love and compassion, and virtues of a true and noble prince and worthy lord for his princess.” Hugo and Fleur are married, much to the consternation of the four failed princes.


The Legend of the Water Lily

Flower: Water lily

In ancient China, Lily-Blossom and her family are devoted to gardening. Lily’s brother Lin is called up for war. Lily is distraught as she has no idea if Lin will return. She consults a fortune-teller, who says that if her brother will live, she will receive a sign. The sign will be a strange lily, unlike any other, that will bloom in the garden Lin made for her. As time goes by, there is no sign of the strange lily, and the family begins to doubt it will appear. Lily keeps weeping by the pool Lin constructed in the garden. But then she is surprised when something starts growing in the pool. It is the water lily, and it is the strange lily in question. Lily’s parents say the lily is an enchanted flower that grew from the tears Lily shed into the pool. Lin returns a year later and gets married beside a pool full of water lilies.

Water Lily

The Happiness Plant

Flower: unknown, but is dubbed “the Happiness Plant”

In the year 1900, Maggy Mayce becomes intrigued by the devotion Miss Bird gives to her plant, although she does not know its proper name. They strike a friendship, with Maggy calling in on her way to work to see Mrs Bird and her plant. But then Miss Bird’s nephew takes her away and Maggy has no address to follow up. Miss Bird has left Maggy the plant, which Maggy cherishes by the window, as Miss Bird had done. Then Maggy loses her job and cannot find another. She is just about at the end of the line when Miss Bird arrives. She had tracked Maggy down through the plant. Realising Maggy’s plight, Miss Bird offers her a job as a companion, and Maggy is happy to accept. She dubs the unknown plant “the Happiness Plant”.

Happiness Plant


  • Artist: David Matysiak (The Lady of the Daisies)
  • Artist: Jesus Redondo (Five Flowers for Fleur)
  • Artist: Giorgio Giorgetti (The Legend of the Water Lily)
  • Artist: Terry Aspin (The Flowers of Hope)
  • Artist: Maria Barrera (The Happiness Plant)


  • The Lady of the Daisies –  Debbie: #155 (31 January 1975)
  • Five Flowers for Fleur –  Debbie: #156 (07 February 1976)
  • Flowers in the Rain – Debbie: #157 (14 February 1976)
  • Rosemary for Remembrance –  Debbie: #158 (21 February 1976)
  • The Tell-Tale Blossoms – Debbie: #159 (28 February 1976)
  • The Legend of the Water Lily –  Debbie: #161 (13 March 1976)
  • Angie and the Red Rose –  Debbie: #162 (20 March 1976)
  • The Flowers of Hope – Debbie: #163 (27 March 1976)
  • The Mystery of the Vanishing Flowers – Debbie: #166 (3 April 1976)
  • The Happiness Plant – Debbie: #166 (17 April 1976)
  • Who Says Flowers are Useless? – Debbie: #168 (1 May 1976)
  • Lily of the Valley –  Debbie: #183 (14 August 1976)

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