Freckles and her Frog


Freckles Wilson, an orphan, lived with her relatives on their farm on  the edge of the Florida Swamps. They treated her cruelly and Freckles’ only friend was a pet frog she called Ferdy. However, Uncle Eli discovered Ferdy was a champion jumper and took him from Freckles to train for contests. After Ferdy was scared away by Aunt Ida, he was found by Brett Corcoran, who claimed him. There was a court case to decide owner-ship and a demonstration of affection between Freckles and Ferdy settled the case in favour of the Wilsons.

freckles and her frog1


  • First appeared as a text story in Bunty was later reprinted as a picture story in Judy.
  • Spot Art: George Ramsbottom (Bunty:#244 – #263)
  • Art: Ron Smith (Judy: #526 – #545 and reprint #1014-#1033)
  • Freckles and her Frog (Judy #526-530) reprinted and translated to Dutch as “Sproet en haar kikker” – Debbie Dubbeldikboek #14 (1979)


  • Freckles and her Frog  (text story) Bunty: #244 (15 Sep 1962) – #263 (26 Jan 1963)
  • Reprinted as picture story – Judy: #526 (07 February 1970) – #545 (20 June 1970)
  • Reprinted  – Judy: #1014 (16 June 1979) – #1033(27 October 1979)

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