Go-Getter Gail!


Gail Carter is plain and shy. She is the dogsbody of her family and they put her down all the time. She gets fed up with this and decides to become a real go-getter. Her new path gets her into modelling. Gail’s family is not supportive, but the new go-getter Gail is determined to make her own way.




  • Go-Getter Gail! –  Debbie: #165 (10 April 1976) – #176 (26 June 1976)

One thought on “Go-Getter Gail!

  1. Go-Getter Gail runs in Debbie 165 (Apr. 10 1976) – 176 (Jun. 26 1976). The exclamation mark in your title above is not used in the initial episode. One does appear, however, in seven of the twelve episodes, those being 166, 168, 169, 170, 171, 173 and 174.

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