Laurel and the Talking Doll


In Victorian times, gypsy girl Laurel Lee makes a living by giving puppet shows. Laurel’s sister Leona is accused of stealing a necklace and goes on the run. One of the puppets, Fairy Goodwish, starts coming to life to give Laurel clues to track down the real thief.


  • Artist: John Woods
  • Advertised as Laurel and her Talking Doll in Bunty #838


  • Laurel and the Talking Doll – Bunty: #839 (09 February 1974) – #848 (13 April 1974)

One thought on “Laurel and the Talking Doll

  1. Trailered in 838 as Laurel And Her Talking Doll, Laurel And The Talking Doll ran in Bunty 839 (Feb. 9 1974) – 848 (Apr. 13 1974).

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