Madame Marlova Remembers / The Dancing Days of Lisa Marlova


Each week Madame Marlova tells a tale from the world of ballet. Many of them are stories of inspiration and courage for aspiring ballerinas in Madame Marlova’s class while others teach morals, such as leaving nothing to chance because chance can be risky. Some have a more unusual take, such as one story about dancing marathons in the days of the Great Depression.


In a sequel The Dancing Days of Lisa Marlova,   Madame Marlova has retired and settles down to writing her memoirs. Now the story of how she became a top ballerina is told in full.



  • Each of the Madame Marlova Remembers stories had individual titles
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  • Madame Marlova Remembers was drawn by George Martin
  • The Dancing Days of Lisa Marlova was drawn by Tom Hurst


  • Madame Marlova Remembers  –  Debbie: #186 (4 Sep 1976) – #211 (26 Feb 1977)
  • The Dancing Days Of Lisa Marlova  – Debbie: #376 (26 Apr 1980) – #387 (12 Jul 1980)

Other Appearances:

  • A Girl Like Betsy… – Debbie Annual 1984

1 thought on “Madame Marlova Remembers / The Dancing Days of Lisa Marlova

  1. Madame Marlova Remembers ran in Debbie 186 (Sep. 4 1976) – 211 (Feb. 26 1977). Apart from the initial episode, the stories added another title that reflected the content of that week’s story, all of which were in effect completes. The sequel The Dancing Days Of Lisa Marlova ran in the same story paper from 376 (Apr. 26 1980) – 387 (Jul. 12 1980).

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