Minnie the Meanie


When Minnie Miller’s father wins a fortune on the pools, the Miller parents become targets of freeloaders and false friends out to take advantage of their generosity. After Minnie herself is tricked out of various sums by freeloaders, she pretends to be mean to protect her money while donating secretly. This causes misunderstandings and unpopularity, and Minnie discovers that people are still finding ways to take advantage of her.




  • Minnie the Meanie – Judy: #1564 (30 December 1989) – #1577 (31 March 1990)



6 thoughts on “Minnie the Meanie

  1. I would like to know how this one ended, please. Thank you.

    Did it end something along the lines of the parents losing all their money because of all the cadgers and wake up to what mugs they had been?

  2. Pretty much, the bills keep coming in and they realise they’ve no money left. Minnie’s savings covers the last of the bills with a little left over. After the mom hears people calling her Meanie the mother sticks up for Minnie, telling everyone all their money is gone. The community rally around help out, and Minnie’s old friends apologises to her. Her parents start looking for new jobs, and Minnie solves that problem tto, by suggesting they start a taxi company as they now have 2 cars.

  3. I wonder if this was the same person who wrote “Hard Times for Helen”, as both feature good-natured, over-generous parents who are being taken advantage of.

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