School for the Expelled


While trying to shield her cousin, Amanda,  Trudy Timms was wrongly accused of stealing money from the Headmistress’s study. Her father, shocked to think his daughter had forgotten the family motto, “Honesty Above All”, sent her away from Meadowlands School to Grimstock Grange—the School for the Expelled!

school for the expelled


  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones


  • School for the Expelled – Judy: circa #507 (27 September 1969) – (?)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #998 (24 February 1979) – #1009 (12 May 1979)


3 thoughts on “School for the Expelled

  1. How did this one end? I presume it’s with her name being cleared and an apologetic dad reinstating her at her old school, but what are the exact circumstances, please?

  2. Surprisingly the ending is not as you expected. Trudy works hard at getting the girls to put more effort in school. There is a threat of Grimstone closing and the girls would be transferred to special homes and institutions. Trudy goes to her old school for help and convinces them to donate some books and play a hockey match. It is after the match when she runs into Amanda that the truth comes out. The teachers and classmates are quick to welcome Trudy back but she has made friends in her new school and won’t abandon them now, she is just happy to have her name cleared.

    If her father is apologetic we don’t see it. Prior to Trudy’s name being cleared, he visits Grimstone with the school board when they are talk about closing the school, but he won’t even look Trudy in the eye.

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