Slaves of the Sinister Eye


Sports writer Pat Fraser had been mysteriously  transported to a strange palace where a woman known as the Princess ruled with the aid of a hypnotic eye, which hovered in the air, and a voice that came from nowhere. There, she watched a girl called Lora skate against world champions and beat them! For each victory, Lora was rewarded with the release of one of tie the prisoners from the dungeons beneath the ice rink. Ranulf, Lora’s cousin, tried to escape and, before he was recaptured, he managed to hide a bracelet that gave the wearer protection against the mysterious eye that spied on everything that happened in the palace. Later, Pat went into the grounds to look for the bracelet.

slaves of the sinister eye


  • Art: Ian Kennedy


  • Slaves of the Sinister Eye – Judy:  #616 (30 Oct. 1971) – #630 (05 Feb. 1972)
  • Reprinted – Judy: #956 (06 May 1978) – #970 (12 August 1978)

2 thoughts on “Slaves of the Sinister Eye

  1. This serial ”Slaves Of The Sinister Eye” definitely started at least one week before issue 962 (Jun. 17 1978), but it certainly finishes in 970 (Aug. 12 1978). Most of the plot lines have been borrowed from ”Kashgar The Terrible” in The Wizard 1868 (Dec. 2 1961) – 1880 (Feb. 24 1962).

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