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Storyteller Aunt Ruby tells tales:

The Tree Sprite

Vicky Gibbs has a miserable job in service because the other servants bully her, but says nothing to her family because they depend on her job. She confides in an oak tree, which turns out to be inhabited by a tree sprite. The bullying gets worse when another servant Millie, starts blackmailing Vicky into doing all her chores, leaving Vicky with no time for her own. The tree sprite wreaks revenge on Millie, but the servants deem the tree dangerous. They are out to cut it down when Master Richard returns from his art studies. He stops them and gives Vicky a new job – the model for his new painting “Nymph in a Tree”. Master Richard makes his fortune with the painting and Vicky and her family never want again.

Tree sprite


List of Stories

  • The Tree Sprite –  Debbie: #220 (30 April 1977)

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