Mysteriously transported  back to the present day from the overcrowded world of the year 2079, Cybela and her dog, Dee, were given a home by Gill and Paul Benson. At the house Paul had inherited from his uncle, Sir William Benson, Cybela learned that Sir William had made a breakthrough in time travel that could solve the population problems of her own time. Searching for the secret, Cybela found a hidden room, but was interrupted by Mrs Markham, the – mysterious housekeeper.




  • Cybela –  Judy and Emma:  #1038 (01  December 1979) – #1049 (16 Feb. 1980)



5 thoughts on “Cybela

  1. I wonder… was this the first story with a black protagonist? I feel like it might have been, at least within the SF/thriller genres.

    1. Well there are some unusual noms-de-plume on our forum, but this one might just take the biscuit. My problem will be a permanent inability to take him/her seriously. I’m thinking extraterrestrial? Or a McFlurry?!!!!!?

    2. My late mother wrote the Cybela series and carbons of her scripts are still in the family archive. Making Cybela dark-skinned was a suggestion made by the editorial staff at Emma when she submitted her proposal.

      1. What is your mother’s name, I would love to credit it on the story. It’s a story I very much enjoyed!

        Interesting as well that you say she submitted to Emma, as this appeared in Judy & Emma comic not to long after it merged, it must have originally been written just for Emma. That does seem to fit with the comic having a more diverse protagonists, it must have been something editorial were trying to push for. (They also had stories with South American & Chinese leads)

        Do you know any other stories your mother wrote for these comics?

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