Debbie Must Dance Again!


Orphan Debbie Tate and  her young brother, Peter, were being looked after by their greedy Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe. Hoping to claim compensation money for Debbie’s car accident injuries, they forced her to pretend she was a helpless cripple. However, Debbie had once taken ballet lessons and was able to resume her dancing in secret. After a Ballet Festival, in which Debbie had danced using the name Karen Foster, a ballet teacher called Felicity Dale showed an interest in her. Debbie was going to meet Felicity when she discovered that Peter had run away. During her anxious search for him, she realised that Felicity’s train had left.

debbie must dance


  • Writer: Maureen Hartley
  • Art: Ana Rodriguez


  • Debbie Must Dance Again! –  Judy:  #1178 (07 Aug. 1982) – #1193 (20 Nov. 1982)

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