Mandy 1971


Pages Content Notes
Cover /  Dust jacket
2-3 Picture Picture
4 This Book Belongs to…
5 Table of Contents
6-10 Valda Picture story
11-13 Captain of St. Crispin’s Picture story
14-16 A Miracle for Marie Picture story
17-20 No Time to Dream: Pt. 1 Text story
21-24 There Was a Young Girl Who Lived in a Shoe Picture story
25-28 King Cat: Pt 1 Picture story
29-32 Ready, Steady- Help! Text story
33 Mandy Picture story
34-40 Something Borrowed, Something Blue Picture story
41-43 Jill- Junior Reporter Picture story
44-48 Wendy the Winner Picture story
49-52 No Time to Dream: Pt. 2 Text story
53-56 Baby Went Too! Picture story
57-60 King Cat: Pt 2 Picture story
61-64 Beth of Battle Harbour Text story
65-71 Friend or Foe? Picture story
72-73 The Lady From the Picture Text story
74-76 Junkyard Jenny Picture story
77-80 No Time to Dream: Pt. 3 Text story
81-86 Wonder Girl! Picture story
87 Mandy Picture story
88-92 Mum on Wheels! Picture story
93-96 That Imp Angela! Picture story
97-100 King Cat: Pt. 3 Picture story
101-103 When the Clock Strikes Twelve Text story
104-108 No Good at Games! Picture story
109-112 No Time to Dream: Pt 4 Text story
113 Mandy Picture story
114-119 Go, Girl-Go! Picture story
120-125 Bunch and Judy Picture story
126-127 Picture Picture

One thought on “Mandy 1971

  1. The Something Borrowed, Something Blue artist looks like Tony Thewenetti. He is best remembered for being the first Molly Mills artist in Tammy. He drew Molly from 1971-1977. Then Douglas Perry took over.

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