The Image of Iris


Iris Farrier found that by touching her reflection, she could release her twin image — Siri. But Siri caused so much trouble, for which Iris was blamed, that Iris was sent to Middleford Boarding School. Iris thought she was finally free of Siri until she received a postcard written backwards — in mirror writing! Iris ends up being trapped in the mirror and Siri taking over her life. A sequel had Iris break free.



  • Art: Julio Bosch (Martin Puigagut?)


  • The Image of Iris – Judy: #1510 (17 December 1988) – #1527 (15 April 1989) [no episode issue #1520]
  • The Image of Iris (sequel)– Judy: #1534 (03 June 1989) – #1542 (29 July 1989)

7 thoughts on “The Image of Iris

  1. I have a sample in my collection of this artwork being signed “Julio Bosch”. But David Roach has attributed a similar (but less clean) style to Martin Puigagut. I don’t know if we are dealing with two artists with similar styles or one artist using a pseudonym. At any rate, I have amended my Julio Bosch entries to include a reference to Martin Puigagut.

    1. The problems with artists even when you think you have identified one for sure! Of course it is made more difficult with pseudonyms, similar styles or artists working in collaboration.

  2. In the second line of your plot summary you use the name Ski when you mean Siri. Not a hanging offence obviously but you may wish to correct it.

  3. The first series of The Image Of Iris started in 1510 (Dec. 17 1988), Lorraine, not 1511 as your entry has it. There is a small oval panel with ‘Episode 2’ in it on the first page of the instalment in 1511. In my story listing book I have also noted that there was no instalment in 1520. It replaced School For Scoundrels, which ended in 1509.

    1. Thanks corrected now, I don’t have early episodes, so I just worked back from the listed installment not realizing that it did not appear in #1520.

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