Atlanta (1986); Atlanta’s Tale (1988)


Atlanta is a mermaid from the sea whose secret comes under threat from fortune hunters, and there are hijinks as she struggles with the ways of humans. In a sequel, Atlanta’s Tale, her secret is again under threat when photographers catch a glimpse of her tail in the water and become determined to capture a photograph of it and make themselves rich.



  • Artist: Tom Hurst
  • The first Atlanta story was translated into Dutch as “Het meisje uit de zee” (“The Girl from the Sea”) and published in Tina #29/1993 into 1994.


  • Atlanta – Mandy: #1015 (28 June 1986) – #1027 (20 September 1986)
  • Atlanta’s Tale –  Mandy: #1125 (6 August 1988) – (?)


5 thoughts on “Atlanta (1986); Atlanta’s Tale (1988)

  1. “Atlanta’s Tale” begins in Mandy #1015 (June 28, 1986) and ends in Mandy #1027 (September 20, 1986). The Atlanta’s Tale that begins is #1125 is the sequel to this one.

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