Aunts at War!


Jill Marsden goes to live with her aunts May and Jessie while her parents are away and finds herself in the middle of a battlefield. The aunts have fallen out over something they can’t even remember, but each blames the other for it. Their feud has become so intense that they have divided the house between them with white lines, right down to the dining table. Even their dogs join in the feud, and the whole district is suffering because of the aunts’ quarrel. Jill is trying to find a way to make the aunts see reason but her efforts always seem to go wrong and make their squabbling worse.


Matters come to a head when a film crew comes to the village. The aunts’ quarrelling spoils the shoot and the film crew leaves in disgust. As each aunt blames the other for it and another quarrel erupts, Jill loses her temper and shouts at them both over their stupid quarrelling. She tells them she is fed up with it, they are both to blame for spoiling the shoot, they are as bad as each other, and whatever started the feud should have been over years ago. She then gets so upset she runs off and gets hit by a car.

When Jill regains consciousness in hospital she discovers that the scolding and her accident have shocked her aunts into stopping their feud. They are now at peace and have removed the dividing lines in their house.



  • Aunts at War! –  Mandy:  #963 (29 June 1985) – #973 (7 September 1985)


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