Beatty’s Bingo Card


Beatty Ward is a selfish girl who always wants her own way, and she never helps out or shows consideration for others. One day Beatty grumbles about there being no bingo for kids, but then she is surprised to receive a bingo card in the post – on a Sunday. It comes with the message: “A prize more precious than them all, if by full moon, full house you call.”

It makes no sense until Beatty brings home a football jersey with the number 3 on it and then the number 3 just vanishes from the card. Greed overtakes Beatty and she becomes determined to get all the other numbers on the card by the full moon to collect the riches that must surely be waiting for her.



  • Artist: Tom Hurst


  • Beatty’s Bingo Card –  Mandy: #1217 (12 May 1990) – (?)


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    1. I don’t have any of these issues, if you don’t get an answer, I can check them out next time I’m at national library. That will probably be sometime in Summer, when I have more time.

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