Claire Loves Steve – but She Hates Elaine!


Claire Ramsay finds her new neighbour, Elaine Benson, a bossy sort and hates her. But she fancies Elaine’s brother Steve and is trying to find a way to get him to notice her, including trying to do it through Elaine. This gets Claire into a lot of scrapes, such as dyeing her hair green to impress Steve – only to find he is colour blind and all she does is get herself into trouble at home and school. Matters come to a head when Elaine finds out about Claire fancying her brother and tries to use it blackmail Claire into helping her cheat at a test. When a teacher foils the cheating (without realising), Elaine maliciously reveals Claire’s secret.



  • Artist: Guy Peeters


  • Claire Loves Steve – but She Hates Elaine! – #917 (11 August 1984) – #936 (22 December 1984). No episodes in Mandy #927 and #928.


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