Lessons from Lindy [1994]


Angie Parsons is tired of being taken for granted and being pushed around because she is non-assertive and shy. She thinks the answer is to take lessons from Lindy Marchant, a selfish girl who always gets her own way, and copy Lindy’s behaviour. This means being pushy, playing dirty tricks, taking advantage of people and manipulating them, and always being selfish. Although Angie inwardly questions Lindy’s underhand methods at times, they always seem to work out for her in the end, and thinks Lindy is a real friend.

Then Angie’s father becomes seriously ill because of her bad behaviour in copying Lindy. This shocks Angie into realising her mistake in copying Lindy’s selfish ways. Angie finds true confidence when she gives Lindy a piece of her mind, and also discovers the selfish Lindy is no friend of hers. From then on she learns to act assertively and confidently, but with respect to others.


  • Artist: John Armstrong


  • Lessons from Lindy –  Bunty:  #1908  (6 August 1994) – #1920 (29 October 1994)

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