Rosanna Lee’s life has been the gypsy caravan and travelling from farm to farm with her parents who do seasonal work. Then Mrs Lee dies and Mr Lee reacts badly, becoming harsh, bitter and – to Rosanna’s dismay – giving up the gypsy way of life. He is now settling down and taking a job in a district where people look down on them because they are gypsies, and their employers, the Bullards, are just as hard. Rosanna finds solace in an orphaned fawn she names Perri but must keep her secret.



  • Artist: Hugh Thornton-Jones


  • Perri –  Mandy:  #971 (24 August 1985) – #988 (21 December 1985)
  • Translated into Dutch as “Perri het hertejong” (Perri the fawn) and published in Peggy Album (Holco, 1986 series) #1 (1986).


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