Sweet Charity – She Leads a Double Life!


Charity Black pretends to be crippled to take advantage of people.



  • Artist: Jack Hardee


  • Sweet Charity – She Leads a Double Life! –  Mandy:  #921 (8 September 1984) to #932 (24 November 1984).


3 thoughts on “Sweet Charity – She Leads a Double Life!

  1. The artist looks rather like Jack Hardee. Surprisingly late for him, though, as I thought he had stopped working on girls’ comics by the end of the 70’s. Could this 1984 publication of the story be a reprint?

    1. Quite possible, as DCT did regularly reprint stories every 7 years or so. I haven’t all Mandy stories catalogued, so haven’t come across an earlier one yet.

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